Warrington Rivers Partnership is a non-profit local community organisation with a passion for helping people improve the health and public appreciation of our town’s fantastic and often stunning rivers, canals, streams and wetlands.


  • Massive reduction in litter entering Warrington’s rivers and wetlands from upstream and the town itself.
  • Preserving Warrington’s water and near-water habitats.
  • Developing the public’s awareness of and appreciation for these wonderful assets.


Whole Partnership

Our organisation and supporters (informal partners) undertake a wide range of related activities that include but are not limited to:

  • Campaigning for wider solutions (e.g. debris booms, more litter bins, removal of waste, preservation of green-spaces & wetlands)
  • Litter-picking
  • Habitat maintenance & monitoring
  • Fund-raising
  • Increasing public awareness & engagement
  • Knowledge-sharing
  • Encouraging new people and organisations to join us

Our Contributions

As well as taking part in the above activities, Warrington Rivers Partnership specifically helps our supporters by:

  • Providing an online platform (including our website and Facebook) for allowing the public and each other to easily find out about their latest news, activities and upcoming events.
  • Allowing them to easily discover and communicate with each other – whether to exchange ideas, share knowledge, seek funding, or other useful purposes.
  • Conceiving and/or helping to organise activities & events.
  • Actively furthering our own ability to contribute ideas, knowledge and funding to the partnership.

We warmly encourage our supporters and others to suggest additional ways in which we can help each other! Please contact us with any ideas!

Our Members

Paul Connor | Founder

Founded Warrington Rivers Partnership in 2019.  As well as being a professional Software Engineer with degrees from the University of Cambridge and University of Bristol, he has a passionate and active interest in the environment and ecology.  He is also a qualified coach and occasional rower at Warrington Rowing Club.

The beautiful River Mersey from Woolston Weir. Image Credit: Paul Connor.